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City of Anadarko, Oklahoma

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Anadarko’s origins lie in the 1878 consolidation of the Fort Sill Indian Agency and the Wichita Agency on the south side of the Washita River. From this site the Federal Government administered the affairs of the Southern Indians, and trading posts became established at the site of Old Town, along the north edge of present-day city boundaries.

The City of Anadarko sprang into existence as part of the Land Lottery Bill of 1901, six years prior to statehood. 63 lots were sold at auction the first day in the newly designated town.

In 1947, the ten elected Freeholders and Mayor Ray Oliver signed the City Charter adopted by the citizens of this community and sent it to Governor Roy J. Turner for approval. Since that time, Anadarko has operated as a Council-Manager form of government with representatives of five Wards, Mayor, and Vice-Mayor elected to staggered terms of office.

From its beginnings, Anadarko has experienced growth spurts and declines, with a significant growth pattern evident over the past five years. That progress is reflected through increased sales tax collections, existing business expansions, and new housing starts.