Water and Wastewater

Water Department



Water Distribution is responsible for maintaining , repairing, and operating the City's waste water collection system. The collection system is the network of pipes, manholes, pumping stations and flow control structures throughout the City . Distribution is also responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing of water meter units.

The Water Distribution Department services over 3,000 customers in the Anadarko area.  This small crew is solely responsible for all water and sewer needs within the city limits.  Some of the duties of the Water Distribution Department include installing new water meters, running new water and sewer lines, creating new water taps for service, clearing water and sewer mains, and repairing leaks when needed.  Sometimes a great amount of effort is put into repairing water leaks, especially if the leak is located under ground.  When this occurs, it is necessary to cut into concrete in order to repair the leak.  As part of our complete dedication to our customers, there is a crew member available at all times in case of emergency.

As part of our extended service, the Water Distribution Department is proud to lend a helping hand to the surrounding towns when needed. We are honored to be called upon by our neighbors in the surrounding communities and to be of service to the citizens of Anadarko.


The Water Treatment is responsible for operating and maintaining the water treatment facility, pumping  stations and water storage tanks; inspection  the drinking water supplies and their watersheds; and monitoring water quality.

Water TowerThe Anadarko Water Treatment Plant is rated to produce a maximum of 3 million gallons of treated water per day, serving approximately 4,200 customers.  Currently the city has three (3)  towers, which combined hold 1.8 million gallons of treated drinking water. The city also has a fourth (4) tower, that holds bulk water that serves raw water customers.   

All water treated at the water plant is held to the strictest of requirements, which are regulated by DEQ and tested regularly to assure that the citizen of Anadarko have safe, clean and quality drinking water.

The City water supply comes form Fort Cobb Reservoir Master Conservancy District. The Water Plant is equipped with state of the art Scada Telemetry System, this allows employees to view tank levels and what equipment is running throughout the distribution system.


Waste water Treatment is responsible for operating and maintaining Anadarko's waste water treatment facility. The treatment plant provides treatment for the waste water collected by the City's waste water collection system.

The Anadarko Waste water Treatment Facility is known as an SBR. The Anadarko plant employees monitor, operate and maintain an on site analytic laboratory, process and operations of plant and grounds. There are nine(9) pumping lift stations throughout the city which collects and delivers waste water to the plant, which is rated at a maximum capacity of 1.94 million gallons per day. 

The objective of the SBR plant is the treatment to remove as much of the nutrients and solids as possible. The waters are then sent to a chlorination basin to eliminate pathogenic bacteria and then de-chlorinated and then discharges it into the Washita River. This process takes approximately 6 hours from the time the waste water enters the plant. DEQ requires all waters being discharged into the Washita River meet strict requirements for public safety and wildlife preservation. 

Excess sludge is sent to the de-watering trailers where its treated with polymer to remove  the excess water. The sludge is then put in rolls with wood chips to dry. DEQ requires that the sludge must maintain a certain temperature for several day, after which its put into a shaker to remove the excess wood chips.

The sludge is then sent to a DEQ lab to have test run that will qualify it as grade A fertilizer.