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The Anadarko Fire Department was formed in December, 1901.  There were 29 original members with Ed N. Kaiser elected as the first Fire Chief.   In the beginning, their equipment list was comprised of fire buckets, axes, two old ladders, a small amount of hose, and pry bars. In March 1902, the first Fire Station and City Hall construction was completed at a total cost of $366.20. The years that followed brought many changes and much progress to the department.

In 1986 the ambulance service was combined with the fire department. The newly formed Fire-EMS Department was operated out of the same facility under the direction of the Fire Chief.  All personnel were cross trained.

Today the department operates out of two stations, under the leadership of Chief Greg Stone and Assistant Chief Brandon Sanders.  Our primary response area covers 139 square miles for fire protection and 339 square miles for the ambulance service. The department consists of the Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, an administrative assistant, 21 fulltime line personnel and 4 volunteers.  

Current EMT licensure consists of 9 paramedics, 5 advanced, 5 intermediates, 4 basics, and 1 EMR.  On the Fire-Rescue side the staff have acquired certifications including Hazardous Materials, Incident Management, Tactics for Small Departments, Emergency Service Instructor, all types of rescue, as well as many others.


The department averages 1700 emergency responses each year providing fire, medical, hazmat, and rescue services. We have a very good working relationship with the surrounding volunteer fire departments,  we all depend on each other when larger incidents occur. 

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