Electric Department

The Anadarko Municipal Power Service distributes electrical service to the residents of the City of Anadarko. Working with electricity can be a very dangerous occupation and it takes skilled employees to handle such tasks. Our electric department workers have a great deal of responsibility to the customer, and to each other. Some of the duties performed by our crew members include reading and replacing meters, providing new residents with power, installing new power lines, and working with the Utility Billing department to insure correct billing information.

The members of the electric department also work daily with customers and answer any questions that may pertain to their department. That’s not all you’ll find them doing, though. Replacing streetlights, servicing electric meters, trimming trees,  servicing traffic lights and locating buried electric lines are just a few of the myriad duties assigned to the Anadarko Electric Department.


1917154_1670640373202924_7930192115459916693_nRegardless of the time or weather conditions, our department’s most important task is repairing problems and restoring power to our customers. We believe that the customer should come first and we are proud to provide service to the residents of Anadarko. For any questions pertaining to the Electric Department, please call the Utility Billing Department at 247-2481. The Utility Customer Service department provides billing services for electric, water, sewer, and solid waste collections. We strive to communicate actively and effectively with you, responding to your needs in an honest, fair and caring manner.

In case of an after hours emergency, outage or down power lines please do NOT call 911.  You may contact the Anadarko Police Department at 247-2411.