Budget 2011

April 01, 2011

Citizens, Residents, and Business of Anadarko

Re: Tree Limb and Yard Waste disposal

In efforts to keep your property in good standing and maintain a comfortable and suitable home or business, the City of Anadarko is committed to providing assistance with tree limbs, limited brush, and limited yard waste. City crews will patrol all areas of the City over the course of the month to collect the above mentioned items as a convenience to the property owner.

In the event that we miss your debris, or if you miss our scheduled pickup please call City Hall at (405)247-2481 so that we may conveniently schedule a pick up for you.
The following items will be picked up free of charge:

Tree limbs, small brush, and compostable items. (Please call us to accommodate large branches in excess of 6 inches)

The following items will not be picked up without prior coordination and may involve a fee for transport:

  • Tree trunks and compostable materials that will not fit into the wood chipper
  • Trash, bulk waste, appliances, and furniture
  • Any debris not associated with normal yard maintenance, such as lot clearing, commercial tree trimming, commercial lawn service, or any other engagement by a commercial enterprise.  

Thank you for allowing us to assist you in maintaining a healthy and attractive yard. Questions may be directed to the undersigned at (405)247-2481 or dave@cityofanadarko.org .

Ken Richardson         Dave Slezickey
Street Superintendent     City Manager