Billing and Collection Policy

This policy summary is published to inform you of the required terms of sale and conditions of receiving utility services from Anadarko Public Works Authority.  Awareness of the policy will enable you to protect your own payment history with Anadarko Public Works Authority, and will help protect all customers for the high cost incurred when accounts go unpaid.  A poor payment history with APWA may result in additional fees or deposits being charged to you as well as interruption of services.


 Each customer is required to put up a deposit when making application for utility service. When applying for utility service and an outstanding bill from a previous address exists, the entire amount due must be paid before the new application will be accepted.

The deposit will be applied to the customer's final utility bill. It is the responsibility of the customer to give written notification to the Anadarko Public Works Authority when service is no longer desired. The customer is responsible for the utility bill until such notice is given, regardless of whether or not the customer continues to occupy the premises.  The Anadarko Public Works Authority is not responsible for lost bills.


 All meters will be scheduled for reading the first twenty working days of each month with the exception of the industrial route, which will be scheduled for reading on the first workday of each month.  Bills will be processed and mailed on the last working day of the month.

Since all bills are for utility services used by the customers in the month prior to the receipt of the bill, all bills are due by the 15th of the current billing month.  If the 15th falls on a holiday or weekend, bills are due on the next working day.  A 5% penalty is added to the amount of the bill if it remains unpaid after the penalty date, normally the 20th day of the month in which the bill is received.

If the customer feels there had been an error made on the utility bill, or otherwise questions or disputes the amount of the bill, the customer should discuss the situation with one of the Customer Service Representatives.  If the customer does not feel satisfied after the discussion with the Customer Service Representative, the customer may discuss the problem with the, Billing Supervisor, City Clerk, or City Manager. 

A customer may request a meter check for electric or water meters if the customer assumes the meter inaccurate.  The minimum charge for testing is $ 25.00 plus any additional fees required.  This amount will be waived if the tests are out of Anadarko Public Works Authority’s accuracy specifications (2%).


A bill is considered to be "late" or "delinquent" if payment is not made on or before the penalty date.  If payment is not made on or before the penalty date, a Friendly Reminder will be printed.  Friendly Reminders will be printed no less than one workday after the penalty date.  When a Friendly Reminder is printed, a charge of 5% will be added to the customer's bill.  Friendly Reminders will state that payment should be made on or before a specific day normally between the 16th and 20th day of the current month. If payment is not made, utility service will be discontinued.


Customers may request an extension from the 16th to the 20th after penalty date, which is the 15th day of each month.   Extension for current balances only, may be requested for extenuating circumstances on an individual basis only. Decision for extension may also be based on credit history.  If a customer is granted an extension they will also be required to pay one half (½) of their current balance. No requests will be accepted after the disconnect date on the Friendly Reminder notice mailed to delinquent customers.

Requests for extensions will be directed to a designated Customer Service Representatives.

Payment in full must be received on or before the arranged extension date.  Letters of guarantee from state agencies, tribal authorities, or any other entities, do NOT constitute payment, but will keep services from being disconnected. Letters of intent MUST be presented by fax, mail or in person to the Billing Office no later than 5:00 pm on the 20th of each month, there will be no exceptions.  


If a customer has at least two returned checks to us by your financial institution, a third check will not be accepted as payment.  The payment must be in cash, by cashier's check, or by money order in the utility billing office.  You will be charged a fee of $30.00 dollars for processing the returned check.

 If you have been notified of a pending disconnection and your financial institution returns your check for the delinquent payment, service will be disconnected.  Notification of a returned check will be a door hangar placed on the customer door by a utility serviceman, and payment must be made within 48 hours of the notice.



If the bill is not paid on or before the date shown on the Friendly Reminder, or the date agreed upon if an extension request is granted, utility service will be discontinued as soon as practical.

The Friendly Reminder states full payment is required on the past due bill. Although partial payments are accepted, partial payments will not prevent utility services from being discontinued for nonpayment.  A customer may be disconnected for any amount after the date of the Friendly Reminder, or extension.

On days when disconnection's are to be made, the night deposit box will not be checked for overnight payments.  If full payment has been made, the customer's name will be taken off the disconnect list before given to the utility serviceman.  Once the list has been given to the serviceman, full payment of the past due balance and appropriate reconnection fees must be made, even if the customer comes in to pay before the service has been disconnected.

The Anadarko Public Works Authority maintains a list of locations where life support systems may be in use.  To be put on this list, the customer should furnish the Anadarko Public Works Authority with a letter from a licensed physician stating the necessity for the system.  Being on this list gives the customer priority for having power restored during an outage.  However, being on this list will not keep the customer from being disconnected because of nonpayment of the bill.

Because large commercial and industrial customers involve a considerable expense to disconnect, efforts may be made to contact someone of authority at the location before service is disconnected.

When the serviceman arrives at the location for which the disconnect order was issued, the serviceman is required only to disconnect the utility service. He is not required to contact the customer. He is not authorized to accept payment of the bill or to discuss a partial payment.

If a customer has been disconnected for non-payment or disconnected (skip final) without proper notification an additional deposit may be required by the City Clerk (2 ½ times an average bill, RES. 87-7).  If 2 ½ times the average bill is not figured/charged, a $ 50.00 additional Meter Deposit will be assessed.

If a customer has been disconnected for non-payment or disconnected (skip final) without proper notification still owing Anadarko Public Works Authority a final bill, regardless of the dollar amount, and moves in with any other person (s) that have utility services with APWA, that utility customer’s service may be disconnected until payment arrangements are established to take care of the outstanding balance.

A customer with an outstanding balance can NOT put services in any other person (s) name to obtain utility services. The outstanding bill MUST be paid in full before utility services can be restored.

Any property owner/landlord who owes a past due bill on any rental properties shall not be able to have a renter install at any rental properties until all past due bills are paid in full on landlord/owner accounts.


Once a customer has been disconnected for nonpayment, the entire past due balance must be paid before utility services will be restored.

In addition, a reconnection fee must also be paid.  If the request for reconnection is made between the hours of 8:00am - 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, the reconnection fee is $25.00. If the reconnection is made after regular office hours and standby personnel must be called out to make the reconnection, the customer must pay an after hours reconnection fee of $75.00.  After regular office hours, a contract must be signed by the customer requesting utility service stating that the customer will pay the amount due plus the reconnection fee by 10:00 am the following work day.  The request shall be given to the Anadarko Police Department located at 201 NW first before 9:00 PM. No connections will be made after 9:00 PM.

If a customer is skipped for nonpayment, the amount of the customer's security deposit will be determined plus any past due amounts owed to the Anadarko Public Works Authority.  Deposit plus past due amounts shall be paid before utility services are connected.


All active customers should make all utility bill payments to the Anadarko Public Works Authority (APWA) department.   After 90 days, former customers who have not paid their skip final or final bill at the Anadarko Public Works Authority shall have their account referred to a collection agency.  At the time the account is referred to a collection agency, a collection fee equal to the amount of the collection agency's charge for collecting the account will be added to the customer's account. Most collection agencies charge a fee, which is a percentage of the amount collected, generally  40%. 

Payment for utility bills referred to a collection agency may be paid to Credit Bureau of Chickasha, Inc. located at 520 W. Chickasha in Chickasha.  CASH ONLY payments will be accepted at the Anadarko Public Works Authority located at 501 W. Virginia.  NO EXCEPTIONS!


All customers must apply in person for all services.  No applications will be taken by phone, fax, or otherwise.  If renting or leasing, you will be required to provide a copy of the rental agreement or lease arrangement.  If you own your home you must provide proof of ownership.  Customers will provide two items of identification(preferably driver’s license and social security card), will sign work order for service, and pay all deposits and fees.  Service is usually connected the same day if applied for by 3:30 p.m. Orders received after 3:30 pm will be scheduled for the next business day. A special service order charge of $75.00 will be charged for all after hour e (3:30) call out services.

Service Orders requests are scheduled through the Utility Billing Department and someone is required to be at the service location for all scheduled electric or water installations and/or reconnections of services. This is necessary to insure that here is not electrical issue or water leak that could potential damage the property. If not one is home within the scheduled service timeframe, a door knocker will be left, advising that a new service date will need to be scheduled and a $25.00 fee will be charged for the second service call.

Commercial and Industrial Services-The business applying for service should send someone authorized to sign for the business.  The customer must obtain a current business license, which can be purchased at the Utility Billing Office. The customer will then provide identification, sign work order for service, and pay all deposits and fees.

Tribal Housing Authorities & Apartment Complexes, etc. can turn on services, without a deposit, in R1 for two weeks (14 days, NOT 14 business days). By 12:00 pm, at the end of the 14 days, if the utilities are not disconnected by the appropriate person then Anadarko Public Works Authority will disconnect services at 1:00 pm. Full services will be available unless there is extenuating circumstances for not having them.

Real Estate Companies can turn on services at a property that is for sale in R1 for as long as needed in the Real Estate Company’s name. The Real Estate Company will be responsible for the utility bills until proper work orders are signed to discontinue services.  Full services will be available unless there is extenuating circumstances for not having them. (no water lines, no sewer lines, etc.)

If an account is in a customer’s name that has passed away, the utility services need to be put in the current occupant’s name. Current occupant will need to provide copy of death certificate and rent receipt or ownership of property, photo identification, social security card or CDIB. Current occupant will have to make deposit in the amount of current meter deposit rates listed below.

Schedule of Charges for Meter Deposits

Home Owner    (with proof of ownership)        $150.00
Rental Property    (must have rental receipt)     $250.00
Water service only       $ 25.00


The Anadarko Public Works Authority will accept Letters of Credit.  A previous electric company must report this credit history only for the last twelve (12) months.  The payment history must reflect no more than 2 late payments.  The meter deposit will be waived if these specifications can be met.  The Letter of Credit must be submitted to the Utility Billing Office prior to establishing utility services.  No exceptions will be made
If the Letter of Credit is accepted the customer must maintain an excellent credit history. If the credit history falls below excellent the customer will be required to pay the deposit at the current deposit rate shown above.


Minimum Meter Deposit $ 200.00

A business deposit for existing building is based upon consumption history for that specific building.  Deposits for new buildings are based upon the Billing Supervisor or City Manager’s determination and the consumption history of other similar businesses. 

Customers transferring from one residence to another within the service area will provide a copy of the new rent receipt, lease arrangement, or proof of ownership.  The transfer fee of $10.00 will bill next billing cycle.

Customers discontinuing service will do so in person, with their signature required.  No transaction will occur by phone, fax, or any other means.  Customers are responsible for the bill until this signature is obtained.