Sam's Fan Page

HelloSam, my name is Sam.  I am THE Canine Officer for the Anadarko Police Department.   I am a pretty special guy!  I am 5 years old, but very mature for my age! 
I have been a working Officer for two years.  My partner, Corporal Dustin Chandler has been with me since my first day on the force, back in March of 2016.  For someone with only 2 legs, he's a pretty good guy!  For sure, there were some rough patches in the beginning.  My partner didn't understand that sometimes a guy just has to take some time to chase a balloon!   We've worked through all that though, well mostly.  I always have his back, and I know he is looking out for me.  That's what partners are for.
In addition to being  the most handsome fella on the force, one of my best assets is my nose!  It's certified.  Well, maybe I'm certified, not my nose.  Anyway, I can find all kinds of bad stuff like Marijuana, Heroin, Methamphetamine and Cocaine.  During my years on the force, I've done a LOT.  I've located several pounds of narcotics and caught more than a few criminals who were running from my colleagues (the human Officers).  I even help out at the schools, detention centers and prisons to be sure that no one has drugs there.
I think one of my favorite parts of the job (besides balloons, playing ball and snacks) is meeting the public.  I love my fans!  So if you see me and my partner, and we're not on "official business", be sure to say hello.

Chow (haha),

PS - check out my gallery for more pics of me in action!